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(Mainly) Television Resources on the Internet
A Selective List

Radio (usenet)

Radio (listserv)

Radio (websites)

These are a tiny fraction of the total but have been chosen for their excellent variety of links to other sites.

Television (Usenet)

Television, general (websites)

Television technology (websites)

Television history (websites)

Television programming (websites)

Television presentation (websites)

Television museums and historical organisations (websites)

Television test cards, idents and graphics (websites)

Television music (websites)

Television (other obsolete technology) (websites)

Auction sites, for obtaining old television  ephemera, hardware and so on (websites)

You can also peruse Loot magazine online, at Happy hunting!

 Television (reflectors)

For anything related to 405-line TV. To subscribe, send a message to majordomo (at) with the line "subscribe 405-chat" in the body of the message (without the quotes).To Unsubscribe from this list, send a message to majordomo (at) with the line "unsubscribe 405-chat" in the body of the message (without the quotes).

If you prefer, you can subscribe to the 7-Day Digest version of this list - send a message to majordomo (at) with "subscribe 405-digest" in the body of the message (without the quotes).

To (un)subscribe to NOSTALGIA-L, send mail to: listproc (at) with: (UN)SUBSCRIBE NOSTALGIA-L your-name in the BODY of the message. To get a list of old issues/files available from the server, send mail to: listproc (at) with: INDEX NOSTALGIA-L in the usual place. Then to get a file, send the server ( a message with: GET NOSTALGIA-L filename in the usual place. To post a message to NOSTALGIA-L, send mail to: NOSTALGIA-L (at)

To join, send a blank email to: mailkaleidos-subscribe (at)

The Meldrum Home Page offers a fascinating mailing list called mhp-chat, a discussion list for all things television past. The MHP Chat Forum is for anyone interested in old and new television, particularly the bits before, in between and after the actual programmes. Topics for discussion include old test cards, continuity announcers and announcements, breakdowns, television graphics and music, idents, logos and jingles, engineering information programmes, old children's television, etc.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to mhp-chat (at) with the subject SUBSCRIBE.

If you're interested in discussing Children's Television of the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, then try this link for Century, the new Children's Television discussion forum:

This is a moderated discussion list about Audio Visual Media (i.e. Audio Tape, Video Tape, DVD.......). From new trends in media types, to how to care for your older media, to specific problems you may be having. There are over 500 subscribers that have expertise in a wide variety of fields, from Media Archivists, Media Manufacturers, Restoration Specialists and more. To subscribe check out the Topica Web Interface at: ; take the easy subscriber tutorial and enrol - you can then enrol in AV Media Matters as well as control a series of lists using a very nice interface.

What's all this Usenet, reflector and list server stuff?

Newsgroups are mostly part of Usenet, which predates the World Wide Web and possibly even the Internet itself. Anyone whose ISP (Internet service provider) offers a news service can read and participate in newsgroups.

Listservs (short for list servers) are private affairs, sometimes run on a financial subscription basis, and enable one person (the list owner) to send information by e-mail automatically to a large number of interested people. A variant called a reflector allows any in the group to send replies, comments and new messages that are 'reflected' to all members of the group.

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