Polesden Lacey - 2004 Photos

(Note that this event is organised by the National Trust, not by the BVWS)

One of the many things the BVWS supports is the National Trust Polesden Lacey Festival, Greville Day. The day is set in a particular year, and many actors in period costume are in attendance to re-enact the lavish parties that were hosted by Mrs. Greville.

The BVWS supply period sound and vision on restored vintage equipment.

In 2003 we set up a 1938 5" Cossor television with as much period viewing material as could be found. A Murphy A28RG radiogram supplied dance music of the period throughout the day.

In 2004, as the day was set in 1940, there was a distinct lack of television as no broadcasts were being made at the time. To reflect the war time situation of shortages, two radiograms from the early 1930s, a Murphy A8 and gram unit, and a Marconi 536, were supplied with a theme of "Keep it going".

The displays are always a great attraction.

I was amazed when one parent was heard to explain: "Those round discs are called records. You have never seen one of those. This is what we had before CDs".

Another child was fascinated by the workings of the autochanger mechanism in the Marconi radiogram, and we soon went through a stack of records, rejecting each one so that the action could be watched over and over again.

For more information on the festival visit http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/polesden-lacey/