Vintage Television Display at the May 2006 NVCF

The BVWS organised a display of over 30 working vintage televisions at the May 2006 National Vintage Communications Fair.

Peter Smith's impressive display of mechanical television

Kat Manton demonstrated her PC based standards converter/PVR system based on a Linux PC running MythTV. More details and links to further information are available on Jim Beacon's website.

Several members of Paul Stenning's Vintage Radio Discussion Forum met in the TV display area for a "team photo" and to put faces to some names!  

They are (left to right):  Igranic, Ron Bryan, Jim Beacon, Richard, GMB, Mikelect, Radio Doctor, Josh Ward, Jay OldStuff, Kat Manton, Jon Evans (Duke_Nukem), Colin McLaughlin (UK Col), Dave Moll, Paul Stenning and Jeffrey Borinsky (ppppenguin).

All photographs on this page are Copyright © 2006 Malcolm Everiss, Jon Evans and Paul Stenning, and are used with permission.