405 Alive Issue 10 (April 1991)

405 Alive Issue Issue 10 (April 1991)
Page Title Summary/Notes
14 The Not-So-New Adventures Of Charlie Chan.
Alan Kee-Ling
The early sixties crime adventures, including list of episodes.
18 Pirate Television.
Andrew Emmerson
Various plans for un-authorised televisions transmissions during the sixties, including “TV Caroline”. Tower TV and City TV.
24 Scottish Television: The Pioneering Years.
Frank Mitchell
The early days of the first regional ITV company from its beginnings on the 31st August 1957.
34 The T.V. Dinky Supertoys.
Andy Emmerson
The set of TV-related Dinkey vehicles circa 1960, including period advertisements.
37 Taylor-Hobson's Choice Again.
Dicky Howett
A B.C.C. Report on an experimental Marconi camera of 1960/1.
41 441 Alive: Au Revoir 441 Lignes.
Andrew Emmerson
A brief history of French television up to the Eiffel Tower fire that finally ended 414-line transmissions.
43 441 Alive: Vorsprung Durch Television.
Andy Emmerson
A brief article on a German TV-guided missile system from the late forties.
45 A Potted History Of The Test Card.
Peter Bowgett
The development of test cards 'A', 'B' and 'C'.
46 Sutton Coldfield: The First Forty Years.
George Bath
A brief history of the Sutton Coldfield transmitter in Birmingham, 1949-1989.
53 What's An Ion Trap.
Malcolm Burrell
Why it was used and how to set one up.