405 Alive Issue 11 (July 1991)

405 Alive Issue Issue 11 (July 1991)
Page Title Summary/Notes
17 Quatermass Re-Experimented.
Dicky Howett
How the television series was recoded.
19 Trade Test Memories.
Malcolm Burrell
BBC and ITA test transmissions of the late 50s and early 60s.
20 Back To The Fifties.
Doug Bond
Music accompanying demonstration films during the mid-fifties.
22 Sequence Of Preliminary Displays. Extract from Television Viewer's Handbook of 1954 giving the sequence of demonstration films prior to the start of normal broadcasts.
26 TV Times – Thurday 13th February 1964.
Malcolm O'Neill
A listing of a typical day's ITV transmissions, a mixture of programs and test transmissions.
29 Restoration Corner : Pre-war HMV 900 Set.
Ken Brookes
The restoration of an early HMV television receiver.
35 Teletalk.
Malcolm Burrell
Including some notes on dealing with push-button tuner faults on various sets.
38 Modulators. Discussion of the various modulators available, including a schematic.
43 405-Line Television Specification. An extract from the BBC Engineering Information Department specifying the format used for 405-line transmissions.
46 A Potted History Of The Test Card.
Peter Bowgett
Test card changes at the time when BBC2 opened in 1964.