405 Alive Issue 12 (October 1991)

405 Alive Issue Issue 12 (October 1991)
Page Title Summary/Notes
20 A Fascinating Might-Have-Been. The Canadian TV station CFCF 12 which so nearly could have started with 405-lines.
22 The Telcan Story.
Doug Pitt
The first portable video tape recorder offered to the public from 1963.
24 Grove Familiar.
Dicky Howett
Recollections of Lime Grove studios.
28 Television In Belgium.
Rudi Sillen
A history, from unofficial broadcasts in 1930, the official start in 1952 and the line standards used.
29 Philips TV/CA I. Illustrations of a pre-war Philips prototype television receiver.
31 405-line Receiver Design.
Malcolm Burrell
Television design changes through the 40s and 50s.
32 More On Test Cards And Pictorial Sides.
Malcolm O'Neill
Slides transmitted during colour experiments, from 1957 through to the mid-60s.
34 405-Line TV: The Final Seven Years.
Brian Renforth
Recollections of receiving transmissions towards the end of the 405-line era.
36 Autumn 1955 Colour Tests.
Malcolm George.
A copy of a questionnaire sent to T.V. Receiver manufacturers, with details of transmissions and what information should be collected.
45 C.R.T. Data.
Geoff Arnold
Tables of the various C.R.T. Numbering systems used by Mullard and Mazda.