405 Alive Issue 13 (January 1992)

405 Alive Issue Issue 13 (January 1992)
Page Title Summary/Notes
26 The Potted History Of The Test Card – Part 3.
Peter Bowgett
A look at tuning signals.
28 Illuminating Television.
Dicky Howett
The career of Michael Leeston-Smith, lighting engineer and programme director.
31 Ammonia.
Jack Clark and Charles Conte
The use of ammonia in restoring old equipment, including removing paint from plastic.
36 Curious Sales Features.
Malcolm Burrell
Design features of the 50s and 60s, including “Halo Light”, spot wobble and dark/polaroid screens.
41 A Shocking Tale.
John Wakely
Precautions to take when working on mains-derived E.H.T. And how to work on such power supplies.