405 Alive Issue 14 (April 1992)

405 Alive Issue Issue 14 (April 1992)
Page Title Summary/Notes
23 Illuminating (Colour) Television.
Dicky Howett
A look at the work of Michael Leeston-Smith, including experimental colour television work.
27 Polychlorinated Biphenyl. The chemical 'PCB', its uses and hazards.
28 Those Television Interludes.
B. C. Rawes
The films used as “gap-fillers” by the B.B.C.
33 J. H. Dallmeyer & Co. A brief description of the company who manufactured T.V. Camera lenses.
34 The Potted History Of The Test Card – Part 4.
Peter Bowgett
A look at test cards 'G', 'H' and 'I'.
38 Using Varnish-Fixing Transfers. How to apply varnish-fixing transfers and some of the potential pitfalls.
42 From Alexandra Palace – 1936-1937. Exert of a script from 1937, including layout of studio.
62 Emiscope Tubes. An E.M.I. Letter dated 1937 on the handling of Emiscope C.R.T.s.