405 Alive Issue 17 (New Year 1993)

405 Alive Issue Issue 17 (New Year 1993)
Page Title Summary/Notes
21 Journey Into The Weald Of Kent.
Malcolm O'Neill
Some of the places featured in the film produced for National Benzole.
29 G9AED In The Midlands.
Bruce Adams
The Belling & Lee pilot 1KW transmitter.
31 Jolly Good Supports.
Dicky Howett
A visit to, and the history of, Vinten Broadcast.
34 Teletalk – Handling Picture Tubes.
Malcolm Burrell
Safely handling, working with and disposing of C.R.T.s.
41 The Mechau Telecine And Vision On.
David Cleveland
The Mechau telecine used at the BBC's Lime Grove studios in the sixties.
43 In The Workshop – Philips G25K502.
Brain Renforth
Restoring a dual standard colour TV – getting that raster.
45 In The Workshop – Reforming Electrolytics. Notes on reforming electrolytic capacitors, originally published in Radio Communication.
53 Telstar And After.
Donald Wray
Reminisces of a project engineer at Goonhilly.
59 Cleaning And Restoring Old Television Sets.
Andy Emmerson
Improving the appearance of a set, both inside and out.
63 The Beginning Of Electron Television. CRT images in 1911 and 1912.