405 Alive Issue 19 (Summer 1993)

405 Alive Issue Issue 19 (Summer 1993)
Page Title Summary/Notes
31 Keeping The Gloss.
Andy Emmerson
Tips for polishing Bakelite.
32 An Account Of Early B.B.C. Television Studio Operations and Engineering.
Larry Coalston
Recollections of working at B.B.C. Television on 405 line transmissions.
35 B.B.C. Test Transmissions.
The scenic views transmitted along with the B.B.C. Test card 'C' during the 1960s.
39 Identity Crisis.
Tony Currie
Confusion surrounding T.V. Company logos.
42 Obituary: Father of Australian Television Die. The researcher and pioneer James Huburt Thomas Fisher.
47 Another Look at Telerecordings.
Dicky Howett
Some non-technical aspects of filmed television images.
52 Simple Servicing.
Malcolm Burrell
Some basic approaches to repairing vintage televisions.
58 The Flying Spots.
Gordon Sharpley
The monumental twin lens telecines made by E.M.I. Research laboratories.