405 Alive Issue 21 (Spring (at last) 1994)

405 Alive Issue Issue 21 (Spring (at last) 1994)
Page Title Summary/Notes
28 Starie's Stories.
Dicky Howett
Interview with retired B.B.C. Engineer Joe Starie about Lime Grove, Riverside Studios, Television Center and the Doctor Who opening sequence.
32 Death Of A Station.
Tony Rowlands
What happens to the footage when the broadcaster closes down.
35 Feedback: Outside Broadcast Van Colours.
Les Roworth & Paul Murton
A follow-up to an article in issue 19.
44 European And North American Cameras No.1.
Brian Summers
The Marconi MK.III camera.
45 Transistor Televisions: Their Development and Order of Introduction.
R. A. Smallbone
The first transistor televisions, some dates and prices.
52 Television Sound Transmission Before The War.
Andrew Emmerson
The use of the T.V. Sound channel for high quality radio broadcasts.
57 J. L. Baird's Telechrome.
Ray Herbert
Cathode ray colour and stereoscopic television. 1994.
59 I.T.V. Continuity Announcers, 1955-1985.
Tony Currie
A list of announcers and there associated companies.