405 Alive Issue 24 (Turn of the Year 1994/95)

405 Alive Issue Issue 24 (Turn of the Year 1994/95)
Page Title Summary/Notes
12 Look North.
David Norris
Broadcasting from Piccadilly as told by a cameraman.
15 The Final Days Of 405.
Martin Rigby
A personal story of the final days of 405-line transmissions from Kirk O'Shotts.
20 The Ultimate A-Z Index of BBC-2 Trade Test Colour Films.
Malcolm Batchelor
A list of films, their broadcast dates and durations.
31 Pieces Of Pye.
Dicky Howett
A history of Pye Limited and interview with retired Pye engineer Ian Waters.
41 The Hippodrome Story.
John P.Hamilton
A background to the Hippodrome programmes by Rediffusion-TV in the mid-1960s.
54 Cumulative List of Televised Films. Feature films broadcast between January 1952 and June 1953.
57 The HMV902, The Audio-Visual Centre Of The 1930's.
Jurgen Valter
A pre-war combined television, wireless and gramophone.
65 Behind the Cameras.
Dicky Howett
The EMI203 Image Orthicon camera of the 1960s.
76 Perdio Portarama Three, Model PT066.
Jonathan Hill
The dual standard transistor set 'that was never made'.