405 Alive Issue 3 (September 1989)

405 Alive Issue Issue 3 (September 1989)
Page Title Summary/Notes
11 Bristol Educational TV.
Andy Emmerson
Regular broadcasts begin in 1964 from Bristol Technical College. Schools in the area.
13 BBC Test Card Music – Part 2.
Paul Sawtell
Covering the period from the beginning of BBC2 in 1964 to 1972.
14 Trade Test Nostalgia.
Paul Pearson
Recollections of ITA and BBC transmissions.
19 Cleaning And Restoring Old Television And Radio Equipment. Tips on improving the appearance of old equipment, improving woodwork, metalwork and bakelite.
23 DX-TV – Vintage Style.
Andy Emmerson
Accounts of mainly pre-war reception of BBC television, including America, Cape Town and Australia.
24 Colour TV Experiments.
Malcolm Burrell
Recollections of early colour test transmissions, including program information and example schedule.
29 Test Card Saga.
Keith Hamer
Early BBC test cards and music, personal recollections.
32 Feedback – The 'OXO' Colour Experiment.
Eric Ainley
Additional information on publicity-driven colour experiment.
33 Test Cards And Transmissions.
Keith Hamer
Updates and corrections to an previous articles.
36 Television Across the Atlantic.
H. O. Peterson and D. R. Goddard
Reproduction of an article from Television And Short-Wave World, 1937 on R.C.A. Experiments on picking up B.B.C. Signals.
37 Baird Still-Picture Transmitter. Reproduction of an article from Television And Short-Wave World, 1938 on Baird's still picture apparatus, with reference to the monoscope..