405 Alive Issue 30 (Summer 1996)

405 Alive Issue Issue 30 (Summer 1996)
Page Title Summary/Notes
19 Sound Off – Vision Off.
Jim Palm
An informal visit to B.B.C. Television's Riverside Studios in January 1957.
22 The Baird Intermediate Film Process. A process enabling high-definition television transmissions when electronic cameras were still in the development stage.
30 Shuffling The Pack.
Simon Coward
Background to many of the early independent T.V. Companies.
41 Who Remembers Admags?
Andy Emmerson
I.T.V. advertising magazines that ran until 1963.
48 Baird in America.
Maclolm Baird
Baird's one and only visit to America, 1931.
53 The Philco Predicta. A brief history of the Philco Predicta range with a gallery of sets.
59 Studio 'C' – Fact Or Fiction ?
Simon Vaughan
Plans for a Studio 'C' in the late 1930's.
67 B.B.C. T.V. Presentation Before the War.
Andy Emmerson
Captions displayed between programmes prior to World War 2.
71 Remembering Amos and Andy. Remembering the early 1950s American show the Amos 'n Andy Show.