405 Alive Issue 31 (Autumn 1996)

405 Alive Issue Issue 31 (Autumn 1996)
Page Title Summary/Notes
17 Dead Ducks and Forgotten Formats.
Andy Emmerson
A fast forward history of home video recording.
18 Top Of The Pops: Instant Replay.
Paul Murton
History of The Top of the Pops.
22 Receiver Profile.
David Boynes
A review of pre-war His Master's Voice and Marconiphone television receivers.
40 V.E.R.A. Recalled. The BBC's pioneering Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus vide recorder of the 1950s.
47 The Case For V.H.F. 405-Line Colour. An article from the magazine Fusion (Rediffusion TV in-house journal).
52 Alignment Alert.
Kelvin Mallett
Signals used for alignment.
57 Good Times, Bad Times – You Don't Want To Lose Them.
Jim Lindner
Discussion of various video tape recording systems.
67 The “Picture” Valve.
Fraser Ramsay
Television E.H.T. Rectifiers.