405 Alive Issue 32 (Winter 1996)

405 Alive Issue Issue 32 (Winter 1996)
Page Title Summary/Notes
28 From Paff's Scrapbook – 3. A continuation on the series of extracts from Paff's personal Cartoon History of television with his arrival at Alexandra Palace in 1936.
31 Birds of a T.V. Feather.
Dicky Jowett
The Du Mont “Vistascan” colour television system of the mid-1950s.
35 Confessions of a Videotape Restorer.
Jim Lindner
Different techniques required for restoring different video tapes.
39 Television Inventor at Brentwood Hospital.
Simon Vaughan
J.L.Baird's presentation of a television to Brentwood Hospital in late 1937.
46 Auricon Cameras.
Jeremy Jago
A camera that recorded sound and vision onto 16mm film primarily used in the late 1940s.
53 Why Am I Spending Time And Money On Obsolete Junk.
Chris Garnett
Restoring a 405-line television.
58 Seven Lines on a Pye V2.
Dave Batkin
Restoring a bakelite Pye V2 television.
63 Alignment Alert 3 : Now In Colour.
Kelvin Mallett
Alignment signals used by the BBC and ITA around the time of the introduction of colour.
66 Recollections From The Trade.
Ray Turner
A personal account of the radio and television trade in Northampton.
71 The Birth Of Cable TV? The history of what, mistakenly, was claimed world's first commercial cable television system in Astoria, Oregon.