405 Alive Issue 36 (Fourth Quarter 1997)

405 Alive Issue Issue 36 (Fourth Quarter 1997)
Page Title Summary/Notes
15 The New BBC Experience Opens Its Doors. Launch of a hands-on visitor centre called the BBC Experience.
20 Where Have All The Cameras Gone?
Dicky Howett
Finding old cameras, with a list of British cameras thought to be extinct.
25 Revisionist History.
Andrew Emmerson
The real truth behind claims about RCA and also Baird.
30 441 Alive In Hamburg?
Terry Martini
A tour of museums and collections in Hamburg.
37 More Paffery.
Wilf Pafford
Episodes of early television history, 1941.
41 Remembering Stryker Of The Yard.
Alan Keeling and Phil Kendrick
Crime series filmed in 1953/54 and broadcast by ATV in the early 60's.
43 40 Years of Television.
Higo Gernsback
Article from Radio-Electronics, March 1949.
49 There Is A Murphy-Designed Colour Television Receiver. Article from Murphy News, June 1956.
52 What's All this Muntzing Stuff, Anyhow ?
Robert A. Pease
Design efficiency and Earl Muntz.
59 Restoration Corner: The GEC 2028 Dual-Standard Colour TV.
Brian Renforth
Bringing an early colour television back to life.
62 BBC Television In The 1970s.
Larry Coalston
The Westminster unattended news studio and other reminiscences.
65 Spots For Five Seconds.
Dicky Howett
Television adverts in the 50's and early 60's, including advertising rates.