405 Alive Issue 41 (First Quarter 1999)

405 Alive Issue Issue 41 (First Quarter 1999)
Page Title Summary/Notes
19 A Trip Down Memory Lane.
Peter Wernham
Reminisces of the Hackney Empire.
21 The Crusade Episode I Found – In New Zealand!
Paul Scoones
A lost Doctor Who episode is discovered.
23 50 Years of the BBC Television Archive. The BBC Film Library.
24 Eye On The Archives.
Cy Young
Changes at the British Film Institute.
32 A TV22 For The Nineties (Part 2).
Stephen Ostler
The Retrovisor Story.
40 The First Television Revue.
Ray Herbert
Extracts from the May 1933 issue of Television magazine.
44 ABC at Teddington – A Punters View.
Bernard King
Personal recollections from the ABC's Teddington studio.
49 Dussaud's Teleoscope : A Slight Case Of Deja-vu.
Andrew Henderson
Parallels between Baird's early mechanical systems and a system devised by Monsieur Dussaud in 1898
53 Restoration Corner: The BRC2000 Chassis.
Steve Pendlebury
Restoring Britain's first all-transistor colour television.
57 Do Not Adjust Your Telly.
Dicky Howett
Interview with pioneer television directors Daphne Shadwell and John P. Hamilton.
67 Receiver Profile.
David Boynes
The Beau Decca mirror lid television.