405 Alive Issue 42 (Second Quarter 1999)

405 Alive Issue Issue 42 (Second Quarter 1999)
Page Title Summary/Notes
26 Backroom Goon Part 1.
Chris Smith
Tall tales told by John P. Hamlton.
28 Television and the Cinema.
Andy Henderson
The Early Years (1908 to 1939).
30 Radio on the Silver Screen.
Denis Gifford et al
Radio-related films at the National Film Theatre.
37 The Diavisor and Gum Guaiacum.
Ray Herbert
Early novel system of projection television.
39 The Amazing Telebox.
Jeffrey Borinsky
405-lin Band 1 modulator.
45 Slice of Pye Down Under.
Dicky Howett
1950's ABC Outside Broadcast van.
48 The Pye 405-line Experimental Prototype NTSC Colour Television of 1956.
Ian Watson
Some technical details.