405 Alive Issue 43 (Third Quarter 1999)

405 Alive Issue Issue 43 (Third Quarter 1999)
Page Title Summary/Notes
29 Never Mind The Quality.
Dicky Howett
A look at a few technological marvels.
31 Jack Kine and the Night of the Screws.
Bernard Wilkie
An Alexander Palace worker during the War.
32 Baird's Lost Letters.
Ray Herbert
Some letters from 1924-1926.
33 February 1945 and Alexandra Palace comes to life.
Simon Vaughan
Demonstration given to the Commonwealth Conference.
33 More Baird News.
Electrical Industries, 25th May 1932
British television demonstrated in Paris, 1932.
43 The MZTV Collection.
Moses Znaimer
MZTV Museum.
46 Sony's CV-2000 Video Recorder.
Andrew Emmerson
First serious home recorder offered to the public.
51 Calling Carlton Communications.
Cy Young
The ITC catalogue of television series.
55 Fifth Time Lucky.
Bernard Wilkie
What really happens on TV.
57 Backroom Goon Part 2.
Chris Smith
Tall tales told by John P. Hamlton.
62 In The Workshop.
James Reid et al
Line Output Transformers: the American experience.
69 Television Line Standards. The choice of number of lines.