405 Alive Issue 45 (Summer 2000)

405 Alive Issue Issue 45 (Summer 2000)
Page Title Summary/Notes
2 With a jaundiced eye.
Chas. E. Miller
A look at some well-known Television receivers from an engineers point of view.
6 Television Comes to Radiolympia Part 1. Television in 1936.
12 Where There's Smoke Part 2.
Bernard Wilkie
BBC Visual Effects.
14 The Videosonic System.
London illustrated news, Nov 17th 1945
Transmission of sound and vision on one waveband, 1945.
16 A Closer Look at Valves.
Tim Jarman
Includes valve number systems and a look at the EF80.
18 Reviving an EM203 Camera Channel.
Janos Koreny
An ex-Hungarian Television camera restored to working condition.
19 Television On The West End Stage in 1935.
Malcolm Baird
Details of a play called “Glamorous Nights”, created by Ivor Novello and featuring television.
20 The Baird Holding and Development Trust.
Adrian R. Hills
Failed negotiations with Baird for the development of a new company.
22 The 1953 Show and All That.
Dicky Howett
A visit to the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.
24 The Small 'Green Eyed' Television.
John Grabbe
Reminisces of home constructed television.
26 A Tribute to Dennis Gifford.
Dennis Gifford
The Career of Deryck Guyler - Dennis Gifford's last article for 405 Alive.
36 Memories of Robin Day. Robin Day in the early days of ITN.