405 Alive Issue 46 (Spring 2001)

405 Alive Issue Issue 46 (Spring 2001)
Page Title Summary/Notes
3 What was so great about Black and White Television.
Dicky Howett
1950's television programmes as seen in a modern context.
6 Special Effects on Quatermass II.
Bernard Wilkie
Recalling a hurried but impressive effect for the six part 1955 BBC serial.
8 The BUSH TV148 Chassis.
Steve Pendlebury
Restoring the TV148 A519 chassis.
11 The history of CINTEL Ltd.
Andy Emmerson
The history of a Television legend.
13 Television during the war - surely not?
Simon Vaughan
Some surprising evidence.
17 Essential Advice.
Tim Jarman
Safety issues, plus the EY51 E.H.T. Rectifier.
21 75 Years of Television.
Ray Herbert
How John Logie Baird made a significant breakthrough 75 years ago.
23 Standards Converters.
Andy Emmerson
A discussion on home construction.
25 What the papers said...
Andrew Henderson
The birth of BBC High Definition Television.