405 Alive Issue 6 (April 1990)

405 Alive Issue Issue 6 (April 1990)
Page Title Summary/Notes
9 A Potted History Of ITA Trade Test Transmissions.
Recollections of viewing the test transmissions during the first 10 years of ITA.
13 Bringing a Pre-War TV Receiver Back to Life – Part 2
Steve Ostler
Further work on a Marconiphone 702 and creating the necessary video signal.
18 Camera Registry
Brian Summers
Includes a table of E.M.I cameras produced between 1948 and 1979.
21 Taylor-Hobsons Choice.
Dicky Howett
A prototype BBC TV camera of 1963, including sketches of a Marconi Mk.1 camera.
23 25 Years Of The Post Office Tower.
Andy Emmerson
A focus on the tower's use with television.
26 Cable TV During The Valve Era.
Martin Loach
Cable television in Abingdon supplied by Mastervision.
28 Swash And Buckle.
Alan Keeling
A review of many of the action series broadcast by the ITA during the fifties and sixties.
31 Running An ITA Station. An extract from the 1964 edition of the ITA handbook, focussing on the transmitters.
33 The ITV Network. An extract from the 1968 edition of the ITA Handbook, including table of ITV companies by region at the point when the changed at the end of July.
34 Back To The Fifties.
Doug Bond
Test cards and their music during the mid fifties.
38 Return To The Radio Show.
Dicky Howett
Memories of the 1961 Radio Show with particular reference to colour television.