405 Alive Issue 8 (October 1990)

405 Alive Issue Issue 8 (October 1990)
Page Title Summary/Notes
15 The 4-0-5 Special.
Steve James
The course of pop music on television from the mid-fifties and the sixties.
20 Teletalk.
Malcolm Burrell
Includes a discussion series heater chains.
26 Radio And Television Interference Work In The 1950s.
David Rudram
Personal recollections of working for the Post Office in the second half of the fifties.
30 Reviving A Marconi 707.
David Boynes
Reviving a pre-war television receiver.
34 Test Card ā€œCā€ And All That !!!
Ray Whitcombe
Recollections of trade transmissions by a designer working for Rank Bush Murphy.
37 Converting The Standards.
Phil Parker
Development of BBC standard converters, including use on the first cross-channel broadcasts in 1950 and 1952.