BVWS Bulletin Volume 11, Number 4 (March 1987)

BVWS BulletinVolume 11, Number 4 (March 1987)

Front cover:  A Thonycroft 1901 steam bus fitted with wireless.

Page Title Summary/Notes
48 Sam – Son of Ragtime Rastus.
David Read
An American Christmas novelty toy from 1932.
51 The B.T.H. Patent Portable.
Geoffry Dixon-Nuttall
A small two-valve receiver from 1920 intended for time signals and weather reports.
52 Marconi's Tests in 1897.
Eric Westman
Marconi's Bristol Channel experiments.
54 A short History of Mullards. A brief history of the Mullard company.
57 5000 Miles on a Crystal Set – A Long-Distance Record ?
Desmond Thackeray
Performance of a modern double-tuner crystal receiver.
61 Vintage Vision: Baird or Jenkins.
Tony Hopwood and Ray Herbert
A discussion on who was first to demonstrate true television.