BVWS Bulletin Volume 12, Number 1 (June 1987)

BVWS BulletinVolume 12, Number 1 (June 1987)

Front cover:  The Pye Twintriple portables.

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 The Pye “Twin-Triples”.
G. V. Dixon-Nuttall
An early range of Pye transportable receivers.
6 An Efficient Aerial System for M.W. Receivers.
R. Whitcombe
Some experiments and simple aerials.
8 2TV: The First Television Transmitting Station. The first T.V. Station, licensed in 1926 to Television Limited who later became Baird Television.
9 Scott Taggart's Place in Wireless History.
Richard Farley
A prolific author who published many radio designs in magazines, including the ST100 of 1923.
11 A Crystal Set.
Desmond Thackeray
Technical investigation into improving selectivity in crystal sets.