BVWS Bulletin Volume 12, Number 2 (September 1987)

BVWS BulletinVolume 12, Number 2 (September 1987)

Front cover:  Edison Bell 'Bijou' 'OV1' receiver of 1926.

Page Title Summary/Notes
17 Fire Safety in Old Equipment.
Tom Going
A brief article on improving safety of old mains equipment.
18 Restoration: The Kensitas Coupon Set.
Don Turner
Restoration of a 1933 receiver, produced by Amplion and provided via promotional schemes based on collecting cigarette cards.
20 Simple Valve Repairs.
Philip Taylor
Dealing with the effects of loose valve bases and brittle solder joints.
23 The Early Days of Wireless.
Walter Dalton
Early home made receivers.
24 The 'Fultograph'.
Pat Leggatt
A still picture facsimile device (FAX machine), designed and marketed by Otto Fulton in 1928 by Wireless Pictures Ltd.
26 A 405-Line Transmitter Preserved.
Tim Wander
Preserving the last CG1 transmitter from Sutton Coldfield.