BVWS Bulletin Volume 12, Number 4 (March 1988)

BVWS BulletinVolume 12, Number 4 (March 1988)

Front cover:  Late 1940's Emor 'Globe' receiver.

Page Title Summary/Notes
43 The Classics: The Novel Emor 'Globe' Radio.
Thomas Turland
The uniquely styled globe shaped receiver of the late 1940's.
45 An Early Glass Panel Receiver.
Tony Carr
Restoration of a circa 1924 receiver whose components were mounted on a front panel made of glass.
47 A Ferranti Collection.
Jim Forster
Includes some history of the Ferranti company.
49 Headphones Part 1: The Hardware.
Desmond Thackeray
Various mechanical designs of headphones