BVWS Bulletin Volume 14, Number 1 (March 1989)

BVWS BulletinVolume 14, Number 1 (March 1989)

Front cover:  Grid Leak's 1937 Pocketphone receiver, 'Radio Marvel of the Age'.

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 The Radio Marvel of the Age.
Robert Hawes
The Pocketphone kit designed by “Grid Leak” and its association with the 1937 Coronation
7 Cable Broadcasting in the 1930s.
Tom Morgan
P.P.Eckersley's use of multi-channel cable distribution.
8 Electradix and the Onemeter. A multimeter of 1929 by Leslie Dixon & Co, Electradix House.
9 The Story of the Screen-Grid Valve.
Pat Leggatt
Early history of the 4-electrode Screen-Grid valve in the 1920s.
12 Feedback: Philips 2514. Letters responding to the article in Volume 13 No. 3.