BVWS Bulletin Volume 14, Number 2 (June 1989)

BVWS BulletinVolume 14, Number 2 (June 1989)

Front cover:  An Edwardian crystal receiver kit published in 1913 by The Amateur Mechanic magazine.

Page Title Summary/Notes
15 An Edwardian Crystal Set.
Chas E. Miller
Crystal set state of the art prior to World War 1.
16 Problems of Making Valves at Home.
Dr. Rudiger Waltz
Producing working replicas of early valves.
18 Oscillating Crystals.
Helmut Kruger & Desmond Thackeray
Experimental crystal oscillations during the mid-1920s.
19 Southend Museum.
Tom Going
A tour of the Priory Park Museum in Southend.
21 Some Thoughts on the Everyman Four.
Desmond Thackeray
The 1926 Everyman set and a discussion on the performance of different tuning coil designs.
23 An Aerial Distribution Amplifier.
Bill Williams
A modern circuit for distributing an aerial between many radio receivers.
24 The Classics: Bush DAC90.
Don Turner
The Bush DAC90, DAC90A and related models.