BVWS Bulletin Volume 15, Number 1 (March 1990)

BVWS BulletinVolume 15, Number 1 (March 1990)

Front cover:  The wartime Civilian Receiver.

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 Some Notes on the Wartime Civilian Set.
Jim Butterworth
A standard receiver manufactured by over 40 manufacturers and introduced in 1944.
5 Marconi's 1901 Transatlantic Transmission.
Pat Leggatt
Did Marconi really hear the famous 'three dots' signal in Newfoundland.
6 J.L.Baird's Colour Television 1937-46.
Ray Herbert
Baird's colour television experiments, including details of the Telechrome tube.
7 Repairing Coils and Transformers.
Ray Whitcombe
Some failure patterns and tips on solutions.