BVWS Bulletin Volume 15, Number 2 (June 1990)

BVWS BulletinVolume 15, Number 2 (June 1990)

Front cover:  An early Lodge-Muirhead-Robinson Coherer of circa 1902.

Page Title Summary/Notes
16 Coherers In Action.
Pat Leggatt
Details of an early prototype steel/mercury coherer.
19 Early Scottish Broadcasting.
Douglas Gough
Broadcasting from the Glasgow station 5SC from March 1923.
21 The Power and the Glory.
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
Audio power output, the claims and the reality.
22 How Not To Take Photos Of Your Radio!
A guide to photographing radio equipment.
23 More about the Utility Set.
Jim Butterworth
Further information on the wartime utility receiver.
25 Marconi's 1901 Transatlantic Transmission. Letters commenting on the original article in the previous issue.