BVWS Bulletin Volume 16, Number 4 (December 1991)

BVWS BulletinVolume 16, Number 4 (December 1991)

Front cover:  An unknown receiver from around 1923 and amongst the first receivers to have a built in loudspeaker.

Page Title Summary/Notes
42 Inside Round Ekcos.
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
A review of the various round Ekco designs.
44 Transmitting History: Daventry 5XX.
Derek McCormick
The early history of the Daventry transmitter, from 1925 onwards.
50 Telefunken T9W Receiver.
Restoration of an early German mains powered receiver from circa 1928.
52 (Letter) Eliminator Design. A modern H.T. Supply and an idea for a grid bias battery replacement.