BVWS Bulletin Volume 17, Number 5 (October 1992)

BVWS BulletinVolume 17, Number 5 (October 1992)

Front cover:  Sir John Reith handing over the keys of Savoy Hill when 2LO moves on.
Back cover:  Richard “Stinker” Murdoch and “Big Hearted” Arthur Askey in the 1938 show Bandwaggon

Page Title Summary/Notes
56 Tasteful Measurements: A Currentless And Voltmeterless Voltmeter.
Roger Crespin
Measuring sensitive high impedance voltages using your tongue and some batteries, published in 1952.
57 The Lost Cord.
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
Using a diode and resistor to power American 117volt receivers from 240v supplies.
62 Receiver Techniques of the 1920's Part 4.
Pat Leggatt
Improving Sensitivity: H.F. Amplifiers.
63 A Somerset Wireless Pioneer.
Eric Westman
The radio pioneer W. J. Badman of Weston-super-Mare and one of the country's earliest relay systems.