BVWS Bulletin Volume 18, Number 4 (August 1993)

BVWS BulletinVolume 18, Number 4 (August 1993)

Front cover:  A Burke-Jones & Co. Ltd. 'Magnum' receiver for the blind from 1932.
Back cover:  Front cover of the first edition of the Radio Times, 28 September 1923

Page Title Summary/Notes
47 Green With Envy?
Robert Hawes
The Ekco AD65 receiver and it's coloured versions.
47 The Story of 'Wireless For The Blind'.
Robert Hawes
The early beginnings of the fund started by Captain Sir Beachcroft Towse VC circa 1929.
51 Radio's First Home.
Tim Wander
The Royal Needles Hotel wireless station of 1897, the worlds first permanent wireless station.
53 The RCA Radiola 26.
Pat Leggatt
A technical description of the 1925 6-valve portable superhet receiver.
54 Receiver Techniques of the 1920's Part 9.
Pat Leggatt
The introduction of the screen grid valve.
55 John Brown and the MCR1.
Don Turner
Notes on a superhet receiver with an untuned input stage.