BVWS Bulletin Volume 18, Number 5 (October 1993)

BVWS BulletinVolume 18, Number 5 (October 1993)

Front cover:  Drawing from Standard Telephone Co. News for November 1937.
Back cover:  A drawing of 22 Firth Street where Baird first demonstrated television of living images on the 26 January 1926

Page Title Summary/Notes
58 The First Transistor Radio.
Enrico Tedeschi
The Regency TR1 4 transistor radio of 1954.
60 Evolution of the Crystal Set. An illustrated evolution from The Wireless Magazine, March 1925.
64 The AVO Valve Tester.
Pat Leggatt
Principles of operation of the type 160 valve tester.
67 Receiver Techniques of the 1920's Part 10.
Pat Leggatt
Detectors and low frequency stages.
68 Houghton's Ekco Advert.
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
A advert for Ekco bakelite receivers, including colour versions.