BVWS Bulletin Volume 1, Number 2 (September 1976)

BVWS BulletinVolume 1, Number 2 (September 1976)

Front cover:  Three well-known wireless sets from the early 1930's. (Philips 634A, Magnet 33 and Pye Twintriple AC4).

Page Title Summary/Notes
2 The Milnes High Tension Unit. A HT supply based on a string of low voltage batteries.
3 Philips Superinductance 634A.
John A. Gilles
Tips for restoring a Philips 634A “Ovaltini” set.
6 Concerning the B.B.C. Trademark.
Tony Constable
Two types of trademark on early wireless sets.
8 Crystals and Crystal Detectors.
Desmond Thackeray
Biasing crystals and diodes in crystal sets to improve sensitivity.
10 Townsent Wavemeter Part 1. A wavemeter produced by Messres Muirhead & Co designed by Prof. J. S. Townsend.