BVWS Bulletin Volume 1, Number 4 (March 1977)

BVWS BulletinVolume 1, Number 4 (March 1977)

Front cover:  The Marconi V2.

Page Title Summary/Notes
2 Gam-Brell Table Model Two Mains Receiver.
I. E. Higginbottom
A receiver by Gambrell Brothers Ltd. Who pioneered the all-mains receiver in Britain.
5 The Marconiphone V2 Reflex Receiver.
A. R. Constable
A technical and performance review of the Marconi V2 two valve receiver of 1923-1926.
7 Electrolytic Rectifiers.
Philip Beckley
Power rectifiers based on an electrolytic effect.
9 Crystal Clear.
Desmond Thackeray
A history of crystal detectors.
11 Idzerda, The Famous Dutch Concerts.
Frans Driesens
The first scheduled broadcasts in Holland, 6 November 1919.