BVWS Bulletin Volume 20, Number 2 (April 1995)

BVWS BulletinVolume 20, Number 2 (April 1995)

Front cover:  Early Braun transistor radios, models 101 and “Exporter”.
Back cover:  Braun T1000 transistor radio.

Page Title Summary/Notes
20 Valves: What They Do And How They Do It.
Pat Leggatt
An introduction the the triode valve.
22 Braun: A History Of Success Based On Design.
David Read
A history of Braun and the designer Dieter Rams.
24 My Memories Of Burndept.
Charles H. Jones
Products of the Burndept company who later became Vidor.
26 The Unidyne: A Popular Wireless Damp Squid.
Dull Emitter
Discussion of the 1920's design for dispensing with the valve's HT supply.
28 Follow Up To Crippen.
Eric Westman
A brief story of Crippen's capture aided by the use of shipborne wireless.
31 The Lodge 'N' Circuit.
Trickle Charger
The dubious claims of a 1926 circuit using a high-Q tuning stage with a little regeneration.