BVWS Bulletin Volume 20, Number 5 (October 1995)

BVWS BulletinVolume 20, Number 5 (October 1995)

Front cover:  A Gecophone flat-bed two valve HF/detector receiver, model BC2501.
Back cover:  Detail of the Musee del al Radio et du Phonographe

Page Title Summary/Notes
72 Gecophone Wireless Receiving Sets.
David Read
Review of a selection of 1920s Gecophone receivers.
73 Addenda To The Story Of Pilot Radio.
John Watkins
Further information and illustrations of typical Pilot receivers.
74 Valves: What They Do And How They Do It.
Pat Leggatt
AC power supplies, plus the screened grid valve.
76 The Ever Ready Company (GB) Ltd.
R. A. Lampitt
A company history, including their “Saucepan Special”.
78 How To Build Sir Oliver Lodge's 'N' Circuit Receiver.
A. M. Powers
An article originally published in the American magazine Radio Listeners Guide and Call Book”, 1927.
82 The Cambridge International.
John Ounsted
The last of the Pye multi-waveband “Cambridge International” receivers, the model J type PE80.