BVWS Bulletin Volume 20, Number 6 (December 1995)

BVWS BulletinVolume 20, Number 6 (December 1995)

Front cover:  An AWA Radiolette.
Back cover:  A 1936 postcard from the Willem Hackmann collection depicting children listening for Santa Clause on their crystal receiver.

Page Title Summary/Notes
92 The AWA Radiolette.
Carl Glover
The coloured AWA Radiolettes of Australia
94 Valves: What They Do And How They Do It.
Pat Leggatt
Power output valves and multi grid superhet frequency changers.
96 Transistor Radios: A Collector's Mini-Guide.
Enrico Tedeschi
A guide to collecting early transistor radios, with suggestions of related books.
100 The Perennial Bush
Pat Leggatt
A review of Bush radios of the 1950's and 1960's, including the TR82.
104 Restoring Condenser Blocks In Murphy Sets.
Mike Barker
A guide to opening up and restoring capacitor blocks often found in 1930's Murphy receivers.
106 Making Waves At 10.7MHz.
John Ounsted
Re-purposing Bush and Ferguson tuner heads for testing FM receivers.
109 This Murphy Tunes Itself.
Mike Barker
The Murphy ATC circuit used in their 1935 range of model 28 receivers.
110 A set For All Seasons.
Carl Glover
Gerald Wells discusses HMV's foolproof plan to stop the inexperienced amateur from interfering with their range of sets.
114 BBC Television Theatre: The First Years. Broadcasts from the BBC television theatre, formerly the the Shepard's Bush Empire and purchased by the BBC in 1953.
116 The Use Of The Relay With The Coherer.
A. R. Constable
Sir Oliver Lodge and the use of signalling using a coherer driving a relay.