BVWS Bulletin Volume 21, Number 3 (Autumn 1996)

BVWS BulletinVolume 21, Number 3 (Autumn 1996)

Front cover:  The KB BM20 in a selection of four different colours
Back cover:  Colonial New World radio of 1933

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Confessions of a Cartologist Part 4
Willem Hackmann
The BBC in Postcards
12 The Missing Link - a Bush hybrid receiver
Tim Voore
The Bush ETR92
13 Size is Important
G. Dixon Nuttall
Royale wireless chassis' manufactured by the Midwest Company
14 Inside the BM20
John Ounsted
The KB BM20, with photography by Mark Groep
18 Plastics
David Read
With photography by Mark Groep
24 Ferdinand Braun, pioneer of wireless telegraphy
A. R. Constable
27 B4 and After
Mike Barker
The Murphy B4
28 Three (Italian) books on Guglielmo Marconi
Enrico Tedeschi
Book reviews
29 The Wavesounding Instrument Company
Pat Leggatt
30 Small is Beautiful
John Ounsted
Periquito miniature radio, with photography by Mark Groep
32 Capacitors
Pat Leggatt
33 Constructing a universal battery eliminator
Andrew Zimmer
36 Sound... Will it ever be silent?
Albert Noble
A history of sound
37 Easy Station Selection even in the 1940s
Harold Page
38 Obituary, Ken Gledhill
Geoff Horne