BVWS Bulletin Volume 21, Number 4 (Winter 1996)

BVWS BulletinVolume 21, Number 4 (Winter 1996)

Front cover:  Revere 5 valve superhet, 1931
Back cover:  The Pam 710, Britain's 1st transistor radio

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 That was the weekend that was
Ken Tythacott
The society commemorated the centenery of Marconi's first patent and 60 years of high definition television, as well as the 20th anniversary of the BVWS by staging a major 2 day event at Harpenden.
10 The First Bakelite Radios
Alan Douglas
Radios omitted from the 1996 book "Bakelite Radios"
12 Pioneer Days at 2LO
Nigel Pollicott
13 The RCA Radiola II (Model AR-800)
Pat Leggatt
14 Some consequences of the 1922 reaction ban
Ian Higginbottom
16 BVWS - The first five years
Tony Constable
18 The world of Cathederals
Mark Greop
22 The Amateur Repairer
Tony Voysey
24 The Pam 710
Jonathan Hill and Mick Carter
Based on an article which appears in the 3rd edition of Radio! Radio!
26 Charlton Higgs and his radios
Pat Leggatt
28 Birth and death of as glass scale
Ron Wheeler
29 The Military Wireless Station at Barbados
Richard Stoodley
31 The Single Span: or, Smurthwaite's Mistake
G. Dixon-Nuttall
Wireless World single span receiver
32 Resistors
Pat Leggatt