BVWS Bulletin Volume 22, Number 1 (Spring 1997)

BVWS BulletinVolume 22, Number 1 (Spring 1997)

Front cover:  Ekco AD65 in black and chrome
Back cover:  The back of the AD65

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Another AD65 story, or 'howi I got mine'
R. J. Grant
10 Delightfully Personal
John Ounsted
The Marconiphone P20B and P17B
15 Uncle Caractacus
Pat Leggatt
Obituary of C. A. Lewis
17 Confessions of a cartologist part V - Listening In
Willem Hackmann
22 Communication with wires - an astonishing collection Photography and collection: Fons Vanden Berghen's vintage telegraph equipment collection
26 The first sixty years of wireless communication in Switzerland
R. J. Ritter
31 The Viseophone
Ray Herbert
Two way television systems
32 There's music in the air
Patrick Hempell G0HUG
The story of Sudbury Radio Supply
38 A French Collection
Harold Page
39 The Federal 110 - An American Loss Leader
Pat Leggatt
40 Tuned Circuits
Pat Leggatt
41 A Roberts story
A. Gates
41 The Lissen Skyscraper Seven
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall