BVWS Bulletin Volume 22, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

BVWS BulletinVolume 22, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

Front cover:  Zenith Transoceanic model Y600
Back cover:  Zenith Transoceanic model 7G605

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Transoceanic!
Geoffrey Dixon Nuttall
Brief details of models produced
7 Tales from the trade: 'P' for Earth
Harold Page
8 Gods and Mythology at Zenith
Alan S Douglas
A commentary on 'The Zenith Trans-Oceanic, The Royalty of radios' by John H Bryant, AIA and Harold N Cones, PHD
12 The ones that nearly got away Photographs of some of the items from the aborted Marconi auction
18 Well I never!
Pat Leggatt
Unusual and eccentric titbits from old wireless magazines
19 Marconi sculpture in Penarth
John Rackham
20 Direct Action Tuning
Geoffrey Dixon Nuttall
22 Confessions of a cartologist part VI - The Wireless art of Donald McGill
Willem Hackmann
26 Radio days at Farnham
27 The Amateur Repair II
Tony Voysey
Philco 100 AM/FM and Hacker Mayflower II
28 Wireless sets for the Clock and Watch Trade 1923/26
David J Boullin
30 A POGO Receiver
Pat Leggatt
1925 French set labelled PO (MW) and GO (LW)
32 Transformers
Pat Leggatt
33 The Bumper
Harold Page
Sound Sales 6D82Y radiogram
35 Those Early American Tube Bases
John W Stokes