BVWS Bulletin Volume 22, Number 3 (Autumn 1997)

BVWS BulletinVolume 22, Number 3 (Autumn 1997)

Front cover:  Murphy A42V
Back cover:  Alba C112

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Ekco's true colours
Robert Chesters
9 A Pilgrimage to Prittlewell Priory, Southend
Nicholas Odell
10 Condensed Classic
John Holmes
12 Alba's Baby
John Ounsted
Alba C112 restoration
18 Radionette Kurer
W J Wiliamson
19 A postscript to a Marconi Mystery
Pat Leggatt
20 Confessions of a cartologist part VII - Wireless and the Adverticing Postcard
Willem Hackmann
26 The First Murphy Television Receiver
Mike Barker
Restoration of a Murphy A42V
35 The Wireless Years of A.J.S.
Pat Leggatt
History of A.J.S. of Wolverhampton
36 The Weconomy H.F. Amplifier Detector
Pat Leggatt
37 The Reel Thing
Tony Voysey
Introduction to domestic portable reel-to-reel tape recorders
38 Baird's Stereoscopic Colour Television in 1941
R B Head
42 Loudspeakers
Pat Leggatt
43 Sinclair Micro-Radios mini-history
Enrico Tedeschi