BVWS Bulletin Volume 23, Number 3 (Autumn 1998)

BVWS BulletinVolume 23, Number 3 (Autumn 1998)

Front cover:  Polar Twin
Back cover:  AWA Radiolette in black and green

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 The Radio Commumication Company
David Read, photos by Mark Groep
10 Early FM Receivers
Peter Nash
13 The New Classics: Roberts R200
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
14 Early Post-War Television Receiver Development
Pat Leggatt
16 An Odd Melody Maker
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
19 High Frequency Battery Eliminator
Graham Dawson
20 Invicta, the forgotten make
W J Williamson
23 19th Century telecommunications exhibition in Brussels
Fons Vanden Berghen
24 A transistor radio mini history
Enrico Tedeschi
26 Restoring a 1937 HMV 485A
Howard Carlton
28 Black Propaganda part 4
Mark Kenyon
32 Pre-War television listing
33 So just why do I do it
Jonathan Warburton-Brown