BVWS Bulletin Volume 23, Number 4 (Winter 1998)

BVWS BulletinVolume 23, Number 4 (Winter 1998)

Front cover:  Emerson AU190 'Tombstone'
Back cover:  Rear of Emerson AU190

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 The Pilot Little Maestro
Geoffrey Dixon Nuttall
6 NVCF Sunday October 11th 1998
Jonathan Hill, photos by David Read and Jonathan Hill
8 Restoration of a Bush model PB51
Colin Mansfield
11 The proof of the pudding
Pat Leggatt
12 The Theremin or Electronde
J Brown
14 Marconi centenaries in 1998
Gordon Bussey
18 Why collect catalin?
Carl Glover, photos by Mark Groep and James Meehan
23 Rare Cossor television discovered
24 405 questions & answers
Andy Emmerson
27 Re-enactment of the first use of wireless by the Royal Family iin 1898
Rod Burman
28 Taken the plunge yet?
Simon Wade
30 Retuen to Rochester
Carl Glover
Annual three day meeting and swapmeet in Rochester, New York state, USA
32 The origins of the valve
Pat Leggatt