BVWS Bulletin Volume 24, Number 1 (Spring 1999)

BVWS BulletinVolume 24, Number 1 (Spring 1999)

Front cover:  Marconi Type MT14 valve
Back cover:  Marconi Type MT14 valve lit at night

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Million Radio Sets Idle!
Mike Barker
Wartime Civilian Sets
9 To Restore or Not To Restore - A Very Personal Question
Fraser Donachie
10 'In the interests of better Radio Reproduction' Alfred Graham & company - Amplion
David Read, photos by Mark Groep
14 Triode Valves in Radio Receivers, part 1
Ian MacWhirter
or 'Valves and the Juice to give Them'
18 The Loewe 3NF and Receiver OE333 and some other Multiple Valves
David Read, photos by Mark Groep
25 Buying a Radio 1926-1999
Harold Page
26 F.O.Read, maker of Wireless Controlled Clocks
David J. Boullin
29 Book Review 'The Golden age of Televisions' by Philip Collins
Andy Emmerson
30 Entering the spirit of the age
Andy Emmerson
32 The Superhet for beginners
Dave Adams
An attempt to explain the principle without mathematics and with the minimum of jargon
35 Visiting France?
Gordon Williams
Where to look? What to pay? What are the makes? French radio museums