BVWS Bulletin Volume 24, Number 3 (Autumn 1999)

BVWS BulletinVolume 24, Number 3 (Autumn 1999)

Front cover:  Marconi V3
Back cover:  Detail of Marconi V3

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 It Came From Outer Sidcup
John Ounsted
KB (Kolster Brandes) MR10
11 Sharpen up your Reflexes
Pat Leggatt
12 Collectables for the future
Carl Glover
14 National Vintage Communications Fair 18th May 1999
photos by Jonathan Hill
16 Restoring the Marconi 296
Reg Poole
18 The Wireless Failures that contributed to the Titanic disaster
John Booth
A paper presented at the 1999 British Titanic Society Convention based on evidence contained in the Titanic Signals Archive
21 Some characters I have met
Bill Smith
22 Wireless and the car, then and now
Andrew Emmerson
23 South West members stage Mid Devon exhibition in June
Barrie Philips
24 Restoration for beginners
Chan Sundaram
26 Triode Valves in Radio Receivers, part 3
Ian MacWhirter
or 'Valves and the Juice to give Them'
29 The NVWS Old Comrades Association
Dave Adams
Membership, so far, two
30 Another Battery Eliminator
Gary Tempest
31 The Superhet for Beginners, part 2
Dave Adams
An attempt to explain the principle without mathematics and with the minimum of jargon
32 So you think you know how to line up a Superhet
Paul Schimmel
An Eddystone bedtime story